# 32 - *HolliPocket*, GFW, Pink Acid And *.JULYs.*,

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Yoko" (Type A)(Brown daimond) NEW
Cardigan: *HolliPocket*Cover Up Cowls-Femi-Fatty  GFW
Pants: - piccara - Ultra  Low Jeans (White) GFW
Belt: <-Puncture-> Zodiac Belly Chain - Scorpio
Glasses: *.JULYs.* -I look clever- Glasses NEW
Shoes: Pink Acid Jackie Wedge Fat Pack Pack <3

# 31 - Fabulous, Quintessencia, WetCat, [SV] And SS

Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: kate-B (Auburn) NEW
Sunglasses: [:S&V:] i-Shield No2 - Jack/Jill NEW
Pants: - Quintessencia - Juliet Pants Black -
Shoes: - Quintessencia - Larissa Animal Skin Zebra Boot -
Pose: ::WetCat:: "Vanity" 5 and ::WetCat:: "Baggie" 2

# 30 - News Tenjin & Belote

Hair:  ""D!va"" Hair "Yoko" (Type A)(Brown daimond) NEW
Top: Belote - Naughty Tanktop - White NEW
Short: Belote - Spring Shorts NEW
Piercing: .Pekka. Moist Piercing
Tatto: Tenjin Baroque Blossoms Tattoo Fresh GFW  NEW 

# 29 - Toxic Bish News, *Tentacio* And Maai

Hair: >TRUTH< Tahlia - mocha (OffLine)
Nails: <Toxic Bish> Extreme Claws    NEW
Dress: *Tentacio* Army girl dress white ( includes accessories )
Shoes: MAAI " Sugar " buckled heels, 18 socks options, black

# 28 - TwInS FaShIoN - TF , Pink Acid And Gok News

Oi Meninas !
Eu me apaixonei nesse look . 


Hair: *Dura-Girl*30(Black)
Dress:  *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Wool Dress Pink
Skin: Pink Acid Jackie Skin (caramel) Face 4-Light Brows
Belt: GoK- Pearl Drop Clutch Bag Leopard Hand NEW
Belt: *COCO*_WideWaistBelt_Black
Necklace: - CHANDELLE - Necklace Ribbon black
Shocks: *L.inc* Garter Nylons Torn Black
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Grey Panther
Shape: Custom

# 27 - Belote News , MarieDoll , Sensation And Gok

Pants: *T.Whore* - Desnudate Skinny Ripped Jeans White

# 26 - *.JULYs.* News

new Tattoos
store  *.JULYs.*

Taxi   *.JULYs.* 

# 25 - -Gitchee- , JULYs And Toxic Bish

Hair:  .: vive nine :. Strong Winds Pony in Auburn (deeproots)
Little Coat: -Gitchee- F-Jumper Cutie Panda
Pants: *.JULYs.*  Ultra Low Black Jeans - NEW
Boots: <Toxic Bish> Moon Walker Platform Boots
Tattoo: *.JULYs.* Pinky Loop Tattoo NEW

# 24 - Maai

Hair : .: vive nine :. Tall Tales Pony in December (COLARBOR 88)

Love This Song

# 23 - SS News

 girls I freaked when I saw this dress:

Perfect !!!!!!

# 22 - Tenjin,TwInS FaShIoN - TF And JULYs. News

Hair: >TRUTH< Becky Streaked - night  FREE  Truth District
Tattoo: Tenjin Thistle Goddess Tattoo Complete Fresh
Skin: al vulo - elena* pink claveage olive
Bra: *.JULYs.* pushed down BRA - Pink NEW
Pants: *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Lace Legging Purple
Boots: Ear Candy ~ Black Wellies with Plaid Texture Changing Bow 

# 21 - .MaireDoll. , Fear Us , Pink Acid. Perle And *TwInS FaShIoN - TF*

Hair: .MaireDoll. - Sasha - Brown
Skin: ..:Perle Skin Kim 4:..Makeupstyle
Necklace: .:: Fear Us ::. Dangerous - Mouth Necklace (Belongs to set of clothes)
Make Up: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up
Dress: *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* Heart Dress Pink NEW
Shocks: IZZIE'S Mainstore
Boots: *TwInS FaShIoN - TF* LeatherBoots  Black MESH

# 20 - {. Essences.} And ::::Fab-U-Lous::::

  In the News Post only {. Essences.}  And ::::Fab-U-Lous::::

Hair:  ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Maya (Black) NEW
Dress: {.essences.} Mouson Dress [grey] NEW
Make up: {.essences.} Blush: pink sherbet
Skin: {.essences.} Kandia (cocoa - hairbase) NEW

OMG Very Perfect

# 19 - Toxic Bish Yaay

Hair: [e] Garden - Black 03
Dress: <Toxic Bish> Semi Sheer MiniDress FATPACK
Skin: <Toxic Bish> Sweet Skin With Cleav. (Tan)
Make Up: New Tattoo_ Borrado Princess
Shoe: [PM] Baby T Shoe Mold -Non Sock Version
Tattoo 1: * Sweet Sin Tattoo * -  broken heart
Tattoo 2:  Sweet Sin Love me
Nail: Mstyle Long Nails v2 (VF) - Chick Flick Cherry

# 18 - ::SenSatioN:: more - GoK- NEWS

Hair: .: vive nine :. Strong Winds Pony in Acorn
Tatto: ::SenSatioN:: Fuck You *NEW*
Clothing: ::SenSatioN:: Top animals and Skirt ( Tiger) *NEW*
Shoes: PUMPS - GoK- Flower Bomb Heels Fatpack
Skin: al vulo- pollon * snuggle milk group gift
Bangle: *[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver Bright
Bag: ::SenSatioN:: Bag executive (Brown) *NEW* MESH

# 17 - P.i.X.X.i.S ,*HolliPocket*, Tenjin And *ShadZ*

Hair: *ARGRACE* Military Cap "Loose Chignon" ~ (Black)
Top: P.i.X.X.i.S Buckle Top night
Short: *HolliPocket* BumBum Shorties-Rainbow Coal 
Tatto: Tenjin Unfinished Spring Tattoo Complete Fresh
Glasses: *ShadZ* Sexy Bitch (Classic)
Bangles: *[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver Bright
Nail: [MANDALA] Takara Nail/Metal silver

# 16 - Pink Acid, [Ba.d Romanc.e], Perle and GOK

Sexy and Chic 

Hair: >TRUTH< Vanessa (Upper) - night
Make-up: Pink Acid Dolly Lips & Blush - Pink Rose
Belt: <-Puncture-> Zodiac Belly Chain (Scorpio)
Tape: :OW: Nip Duct 
Dress: -(BR)- The Hole Dress / Black 2
Nails: [MANDALA]Takara Nail/Metal silver
Eyes: GreenMeadow- *REDGRAVE*
Bag: GoK- Anchor Bag Black Hand L
Shoes: GoK- Flower Bomb Heels Black
Skin: ..:Perle Skin Kim 2:..Makeupstyle 4

# 15 - Perle, Tentació, Poison and YoPulga

I Loved 

Belt:..:Perle Belt Buckle Black
Coat: *Tentacio* Street girl grey
Pants: >>>Poison<<< Corduroy jeans
Earmuffs: .::YoPulga::. Strawberry Earmuffs (Group Gift) 
Hair: *Dura-Girl*30 (Black)
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 + Ring - Holy Pink

# 14 - DAGGA And Tentacio

Hair: [e] Garden - Black 04
Dress: - DAGGA -  Blue Cherry Bonbon Dress (bottom)
Skin: :GP: Bean Frex [Dark] Pout-Brat 1
Clearvage: :GP: Bean Frex [Dark] 
Nails: Mstyle Long Nails v2 + Ring - Holy Pink 
Necklace: *Tentacio*  Special FREE (subscribe )

# 13

Sexy and Sweet

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Christina Roots/Champagne
Gag: [GLUE INK] Shush Gag 1
Nail: Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Holy Pink 
Baby Doll: [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] BabyDoll Fly  NEW
Skin: al vulo - elena* pink olive
Shape: Custom
Pose: Purple Poses 

# 12 - [Ba.d Romanc.e]

Speaking here between us I do not really like MESH.
Bad Romance more of this I LOVED!

 Hair: Magika Hair // Sophie (Mirrored)
Dress: -(BR)- My MESH dress / Disco/Pink
Bracelet: miel - CHUM bracelet Free
Skin: al vulo - elena* pink olive
Nail: Mstyle Long Nails v2 + Ring - Holy Pink - 
Pose: Purple Poses

# 11- ..:Perle, :SenSatioN:: And .::YoPulga::.

Loved this Look

Hair: :::Fab-U-Lous::: Amel ( Black)
Skin: ..:Perle Skin Kim 3:..Makeupstyle 1
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Grey Panther
Tattoo: ::SenSatioN:: Fuck You NEW
Nail: *[MANDALA]Takara Nail/Metal silver
Legguing: .::YoPulga::. Punki Pink Leggins
Shirt: ..:Perle Down Shirt Black

# 10 - Pink Acid And Tenjin

This tattoo is extremely perfect!
  Look as it is delicious <3

Hair: Maitreya Lara II - Auburn
Lingerie: Pink Acid White Lace Bra - Blue Bows 
Tattoo: Tenjin Unfinished Spring Tattoo Complete Fresh NEW
Skin: ::( F ):: Annabelle . Tan . BadGirl
Pose: Purple Poses

# 9 - .::YoPulga::. And ::SenSatioN::

.::YoPulga::.  And ::SenSatioN:: 
Simply Perfect <3

Hair: (love) hair - agitha (fatpack)
Sunglasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE ODD FUTURE sunglasses 4
Skin: *CUPCAKES - Enchanted - Sepia - 15 Freck
Bag: ::SenSatioN:: Bag executive (Black) MESH *NEW*
Shirt: .::YoPulga::. Open Shoulder  Shirt "Pink Pill"
Legguing: .::YoPulga::. Punki Pink Leggins
Shoe: HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos 
Pose: Purple Poses 

# 8


Hair: .MaireDoll. - Sasha - Black
Boots, Skirt, Necjlace, Legguings and Shirt:  .:: Fear Us ::. Dangerous
Skin: Pink Acid Jackie Skin (caramel) Face 1-Dark Brows - breast
Nail:  [MANDALA]Milky Nails/White
Pose: Purple Poses

# 7 - **.::!Pink Acid!::.**

I L-O-V-E-D this Lingerie!
Thanks a lot Stasey Oller <3

Hair : Maitreya Saar - Kala Jeera
Nails : [MANDALA]Milky Nails/White
Lip Gloss: Pink Acid Lip Gloss V.2 - Natural Rose/Pink
Lingerie: Pink Acid White Lace Lingerie Bras & Panties Girlfriend Set
Shoes: HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos
Skin: Pink Acid Jackie Skin (caramel) Face 1-Dark Brows - breast
Pose: Purple Poses

# 6

Event * GFW *

Grenade Free Wednesday
(It will remain there from Wednesday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT.)

Hair: .: vive nine :. Tall Tales Pony in Jet (rooted)
Sunglass: ::EM:: Emily Sunglass Radiant ( GFW )
Ring & Earrings: .HW. OctoTangled ( GFW )
Tattoo: Tenjin Thistle Goddess Tattoo Complete Faded ( GFW )
Bag: [ILAYA] My Bag Mesh  - Duffel Style (Follows Poses) (GFW ) 
Shirt: *HolliPocket* Wrap Up Tops (GFW )
Nail: Mstyle Long Nails v2 - Queen Africa 
Skirt: Manoa Micro Skirt/ silver by LeeZu!
Shape And Skin: [Cluster] GFW Skin and Shape (GFW)
Shoes: *Anymore. Circus Pumps -navi-
Pose: Label Motion NYG pose 4